Pascual Family Links

Pascual Family website

This is maintained by my cousin for our family...  It has just been handed to him and has not had any work to it.

Kevin McGowan's September Child site

This is Kevin's site within it is some funny financial strategy that he discusses in his investment newsletter.  We had often wondered about the immense amount of wealth that can be made by making contrarian strategies to Kevin's investments.

Bernie and Jelyne Capulong's site

This is Bernie and Jelyne's site.  Bernie and I were on the phone one day and I was extolling to him the virtues of having a unique last name and therefore creating a website and domain from the sheer luck of having an uncommon last name.  He was convinced and this is his foray into publishing on the Web.

UAL Flight Status

Delta Flight Status

Needless to say, as often as we fly, it's always good to know when we're landing.

Maps page from Yahoo

I know that there are others out there, I just like this one...

Unrelated Pascual Family website

Hats off to the Webmistress...  They're not related, but they sure do have a nice website!


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